PLC Group

Pro Legal Compliance Limited
A team of specialist consultants with a wealth of experience gained through working with Banks, FX houses and regulatory bodies such as the UN, UK’s FSA and Metropolitan Police.

Capital Progress

Strategic Business Consulting
Specialized in the companies trainings in the State of DELAWARE and precisely in Wilmington, headquarters of the most important multinationals in the world. Numerous entrepreneurs have chosen to operate in Delaware, as corporate law and corporate taxation are more favorable.

Margaretta Corporate Management Ltd

Professional Consulting
A long tradition in the Industry with 45 years of experience in the Corporate Management and Offshore Industry, served more than 5,000 customers from 85 countries worldwide.

Chancery CS Solicitors

Experienced Solicitors Team
Chancery CS Solicitors is a team of experienced solicitors who are dedicated to providing high-quality and excellent legal advice and representation to our clients. Our clients include individuals and corporate entities in the United Kingdom and different parts of the world.

Liberati & Associati

Law Firm
Liberati & Associati Law Firm boasts a pool of established professionals with specific skills in Family Law, International Commercial Law, Civil, Criminal, Corporate and Sports Law.


Accounting Office
The IDEA Accounting Office was created for everyone lost in the labyrinth of accounting and tax rules and procedures.


Business consulting
Italian accountants in Budapest since 1999 who provide alternative tax solutions, avoid tax inversion with their corporate services.


Digital Bank
SUISSE BANK is an enterprising bank which offers a range of services designed for private and corporate clients. The bank has a wealth of expertise in the area of trade finance solutions, private and corporate digital banking and specialises in cutting-edge blockchain banking services.

BNP Investments LLC

Investment Consulting Financial Services Firm
BNP Investments LLC, Established in Dubai in 2018 is an investment, consulting and financial services firm, providing a gamut of financial and corporate solutions covering trade finance, working capital, finance for M&A, growth capital for business and investment initiative.

Wealth Bank goal is to provide a first class client experience, we aspire to grow organically by expanding our international private banking services to regions where small and medium size corporate clients are not well represented

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Wealth Bank Ltd is licensed and regulated in Comoros Union and does NOT require any FCA or PRA license to provide its banking services